Jeol 2010f tem manual

Jeol 1400 tem operation the following procedure is a general operating procedure that the majority of users will apply when working on the jeol tem. Jeol 100cx ii transmission electron microscope tem 100kv. The jcm5000 neoscope economically complements both optical microscopes and traditional sems. Jeol computer or digital micrograph on the gatan computer. You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you.

Standard operating procedure for the jeol 2010 hrtem. E camino, 092514 12 lower the specimenexchange rod horizontally without pulling along its axis see fig. If not logged in, log in to the user accounts on the jeol and gatan computers. When the server gui minimizes, restore it and enter a password jem2010f. Operating procedure for jeol 7600f high resolution. These are the only procedures you should carry out, unless you have received specific additional training. Jeol is a world leader in electron optical equipment and instrumentation for highend scientific and industrial research and development. Once it is completely horizontal, the low pressure in the chamber may suck the rod in.

Disconnect the ccd camera, turn off the cooler in the software, and turn off the power with the room lights switch on the console. Transmission electron microscope 16 pages summary of contents for jeol jem2100f page 1 instructions jem2100f field emission electron microscope for the proper use of the instrument, be sure to read this instruction manual. The oxford software manuals are a useful resource, with reference and tutorial sections for most of the software packages. This work is intended as a guide to the operation of the jeol 2010 hrtem by the average user. Follow the procedures below when you use the jem1400plus tem. A glossary for acronyms can be found at the end of this document. This text is a guide to operating the jeol 2100 tem. It will take a few seconds for the beam to come on. Jeol 7000 fe scanning electron microscope ua analytical. Switching on the beam switch on the beam by selecting on at the top of the left menu window. Verify the vacuum in jeol pc temcon valve status window vacuum system guncamera valves v1 and v2 off black pirani gauge status pig2.

Use the trackball to move to an amorphous part of the specimen. Use keyboard and mouse lying on top of gatan computer to log into that computer. Follow the procedures below when you use the jem1400plus. The worlds first extreme highresolution xhr sem, the fei magellan 400l system delivers unmatched surfacesensitive imaging performance at subnanometer resolution, without compromising the analytical capabilities, sample flexibility or ease of use of a. Remove the sample from the specimen holder, and store the holder in the tem, under vacuum. The computer to the left of the microscope and closest to the wall is connected to the. Jeol jem1010 is a highly integrated compact transmission electron microscope tem with advanced features and functions.

Key features lattice imaging hrtem elemental identification and mapping edxs and eels electronic state identification and mapping eels magnetic and electronic field mapping electron holography phase and orientation identificationmapping with 1 2 nm resolution diffraction stem automated phase and. The jem2100f is an advanced high resolution field emission electron microscope equipped with cryopolepiece, cold stage, and gatan k2 direct detection camera, and oneview camera, making it ideal to study both biological and materials samples at liquid nitrogenroom. Some of the worlds most notable researchers use jeol tems in their work. Unfortunately the jeol reference manual is poorly translated from japanese and is difficult to understand, and thus is a limited resource. If interest exists and as the skill of the user develops and the requirement of the research demands more advanced analysis, training can be. Do not quit either of the running software applications tem con on the.

Variety of versions is provided to adapt users purposes. Ensure that on the jeol computer fastem server and fastem client are running. The singletilt holder is to be left inserted into the tem column when the tem. Magellan xhr 400l fesem fei nanolab technologies, ca.

Jem1010 is a highcontrast tem because of low operating voltage and the design of objective pole piece. The samuel roberts noble microscopy laboratory, the core imaging facility of the university of oklahoma, is a central shared use facility offering access to instrumentation, training, and service using advanced light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy sem, and transmission electron microscopy tem our mission is to provide costeffective, safe, and efficient access to core. Jeol jsm 5500 scanning electron microscope sem with manuals, software. A jeol 2010f tem has an accelerating voltage of 150 kv. The physical condition is good, but there are signs of previous use and handling. This is perhaps one of the best tem stems available certainly some exceedingly impressive results have been. Jeol 2010f transmission electron microscope tem materials. After this, the computers should be controllable by jeol mouse and keyboard. Vacuum measured on sip sip unit, second vacuum meter from the top must be better than 2 x 105 pa. For details of individual operations, refer to the online users manual. The jeol 2010f is a high resolution transmission electron microscope. The 2010f is used for conventional tem imaging including lattice imaging up to a maximum magnification of 800k and diffraction pattern. This is a private list, which means that the list of members is not available to nonmembers. Jeol jem 2010f hrtem which has a field emission gun with an accelerating voltage of 200 kv.

The following should be used as a starting point for your particular work. The equipment contains mechanical moving units, high voltage units and high tem. Switch back to tem mode by selecting tem from the image drop down menu. The neoscope makes it easy to obtain high magnification images with high resolution and large depth of field using a microscope that is as simple to operate as a digital camera, but has the powerful electron optics of an sem. Align the specimen guide pin with the guide groove on the tem goniometer. Jeol 2010f operating procedure covers operation in stem mode see separate procedures for operation in tem mode and operation of eds system nicholas g. It explains the basic procedures for operating the system. View online or download jeol jem2100f instruction manual. Jeol jem2000ex tem department of materials science and. Guidelines jem 2010 the jeol 2010 tem is a sensitive instrument and requires delicate, responsible, and properly trained users in order to maintain high quality operation. Jem 2100 manual operation and basic alignment instructions 1. Jeol 2011 scanning transmission electron microscope with.

Removed from a jeol jem2010f tem transmission electron microscopy system. Jeol 7600f high resolution analytical sem operating procedure v. Check the vacuum sequence left drawer, v17, v, v5b and v2 on. This jeol emcp10 air compressor is used working surplus. Jeol 2011 stem microscopy and microanalysis facility.

When depressed, the builtin lamp brightens and the illumination mode is set to the tem mode wide area illumination mode. Launch the client username user, password jem2010f. If vacuum is not good enough, contact somebody from the lme staff. Jeol scanning tem electron microscope jem 100cx control em. Basic operation ppt exploring the jeol program ppt intro to oxford edx ppt oxford channel 5 user manual pdf related links. The information contained in this manual is subject to change without notice. Automated electron cryotomography for jeol 2010f tem chang j, marsh m, rixon f, and chiu w program in structural and computational biology. A more detailed and thorough account of these procedures can be found in the jeol operating manual. The electron energy loss system which was on this machine was transferred to the ultrahigh resolution tem, a doubly aberrationcorrected jeol arm200f. It comes with a cryotem holder and cost about 1 million. Jeol2100fcryotem is located in room 11a engineering hall building 308 on uci campus map.

Key features lattice imaging hrtem elemental identification and mapping edxs and eels electronic state identification and mapping eels magnetic and electronic field mapping electron holography phase and orientation identificationmapping with 1 2 nm resolution diffraction stem. We have more than 60 years of expertise in producing tems designed for life sciences and material sciences. Jeol is a world leader in the development and manufacture of high performance, high stability transmission electron microscopes tem. This manual contains information regarding the basic operation of this microscope for conventional imaging. The jem 2100 fegtem, a fieldemission gun transmission electron microscope, is a stateoftheart and fully equipped ultrahigh resolution analytical tem that is capable of providing high spatial resolution atomic imaging and nanostructure analysis of material samples. Tem jeol 2010f facility, showing tem with three attached computers, which are used. The operating voltage ranges from 40kv to 100kv which is ideal for life science as well as material science applications. Jeol emcp10 air compressor tem transmission electron. Energyfiltered tem eftem bonding analysis electron energy loss spectroscopy eels instrumentation. Depending on the needs, either the jeol 2000fx stem or the jeol 2010f stem can be considered for initial training. If the ht is not at 200 kv, use the fastem client to increase it. Oxford instruments inca tips some useful tips when using the oxford inca system.

This instrument has a lattice image resolution of 0. The jem 2000ex has an accelerating voltage of 80200 kv. The jeol jsm6400 sem and the jeol jem2010 tem instruments in the electron optics facility are no longer in service. Jeol jem 2010 training transmission electron microscope user manual version 5. This manual is designed for new users of the jnmeca. The first part of this manual consists of a brief introduction to the jeol 5800 and. It is recommended, however, that new tem users begin training on the jeol 2000fx. Check the accelerating voltage, must be at 200 kv right screen, ht a left panel at 0. The arm200f represents the ultimate in high resolution imaging and analysis, but will not be needed or suitable for routine work, particularly in the magnification range x to 50000x. The jem2100f is a multipurpose, 200 kv fe field emission analytical electron microscope.

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