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These thirtytwo individual gem essences have been channelled from the creation bed of gem stones, and are untouched by mining, separation from their source, or human emotions. All our essences are made with organic demeter certified biodynamic brandy alcohol 20% by volume. This crystal promotes dynamic equilibrium on all levels. Blogs, general sharing and discussion, crystals, crystals and gem essences, essences, essences available for purchase, general essence discussion, my latest essence essence light being the essence asks a question of you read on to find out what. The liquid gems offer the highest healing capabilities available through gem essences. Start the application on sunday with the ruby essence, the gem of the sun according to the ayurvedicalchemistic tradition. Most people use gem elixirs undiluted or unexpanded, though flower essences are virtually always expanded. Indigo gem haskaphoneyberry lonicera caerulea indogo gem.

This book is written under a pseudo name of gurudas, which may be the entity that kevin ryerson channeled. New child series helping sensitive people feel safe in this. Gem elixirs stabilize and restructure our energy systems so that our physical bodies can maintain their balance as the consciousness within us grows and expands. Many people like to charge their essences every time they open or disturb the bottle. Universal essences distributor of flower essences from. Just put in two for bach flower remedies or four for fes drops of the chosen flower essences into the mixture. Mineral springs as well as gem elixirs have been used for centuries for both internal and external healing. Chiron healing gem essences are from the heart of gaia. These are available as single essences or as part of our many combination essences. Here is a quick link to our indigo crystals also listed at the bottom of this page.

Gem essences help us with a wide range of issues from stabilizing our energy fields to balancing the chakras. Gem essences, a different way to work with crystals. Almond oil, purified water, emulsifying wax and borax non scented suitable as. Their primary actions are to stabilize and balance the energy field, including the subtle bodies that make up the aura and the chakras main energy centers of the body. The essences can be bought individually or as a stock kit. This essence will work on all levels, mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Mount shastas liquid light mount shasta gem essences. It is a fast growing, high yielding berry that is well suited for commercial production. Buy jade gem essence online healing with jade gem essence. Virendra has created an unique collection of gemstone essences called liquid gems. The mineral essences in combinations for kids will help to rebalance your energy so that you can feel calm again. While springtime is traditionally the time of year when gem essences are made, as suggested in the famous books by gurudas, some of our essences were made in late fall during a.

The healing gem essence has been made with the following gems, crystals and minerals. Available individually in 10ml or 25ml bottles, and in sets of 32. Jade gem essence gives us a deeper sense of innerpeace, promotes vivid dreams and prompts the arrival of answers and solutions to seemingly complex life situations and the like. Homeopathics, gem, flower and environmental essences are all part of vibrational or energy medicine. It strengthens ones core energy at every level to promote personal empowerment, confidence and an unshakeable assurance of inner strength. Gem essences are made in all kinds of weather depending on when they are calling the loudest. After weve healed the hurts and fears that we took on as children, we can expand and explore who we really are.

Gem elixirs tagged gem elixir kit alaskan essences. Star essence is a family owned company dedicated to creating impeccable vibrational essences from exquisite flowers and high quality gemstones. Jade gem essence opens the hart and amplifies divine love. Gem elixirs help us fully anchor and embody changes in consciousness that are catalyzed by the use of flower essences. Think of gem essences like juicing with crystalsyou are extracting their healing energies and properties, like the nutrients from fruits and vegetables, so that they can heal your body from within.

Almond oil, purified water, emulsifying wax and borax non scented suitable as an all round skin cream. T his is a comprehensive course instructing on the use of gem essences, and their application and need in our modern society. Gem essences work to calm the mind and align and balance the subtle polarities within the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level or bodies, allowing for wholistic healing. Several essences can be combined in one bottle but it is generally suggested that the number combined be limited to four or five. These gentle and effective readytouse spray essences are applied topically and are intended to repair, balance, and harmonize energy.

The gem essence is an elixir that captures and radiates the vibrations and subtle healing energies of a particular gem, crystal, or mineral. The mineral and high vibrational properties of these gemstones and crystals regenerate your skin. We believe that an essence is the manifestation of spirit in each physical form. I am so impressed by the depth and breadth of information in this book that i am considering giving away my other gem and crystal healing books. We sell gemstone essences, flower essences, combination essences, aromatherapy sprays and other holistic lifestyle products. The gem essence correspondance course natures energies. There are lots of different ways to work with essences, for example.

If need be repeat the dosage more frequently, for example, five drops four times a day. The course is recognised by the international college of gem essences, and after completing and passing an exam, participants are issued with a certificate allowing them to practice gem essence therapy as a professional. Gem essences for animals are holistic, all natural essences using the energy of gemstones, minerals, or metals to repair, balance, and harmonize energy. These gemstone essences affectionately nicknamed gemmies carry the color radiance inherent in each stone, which provides color therapy as well as the energetic vibration specific to each gem. Kevin ryerson was the channel that shirley maclaine wrote about in out on a limb. Because of their very nature, the gems as a group are our company on such a journey, through the roots of our conscious and unconscious behaviours, and belief patterns. Indigo essences are gem essences cocreatively made by ann callaghan in county wicklow, ireland.

The term gem elixir does not just apply to semiprecious or precious gemstones. Essences are made for the purpose of correcting outofbalance mental and emotional states. Pale yellow flowers in spring are followed by great tasting blueberrylike fruit that ripens midjune. You can use a crystal pendulum for this, quartz crystals or a charging plate. Click on the adjacent link to see a listing of our 28 research gem elixirs. They can nourish, purify, strengthen, balance and stabilize our subtle and physical bodies, including the chakras. Gem essences are prepared in many ways similar to flower essences, however with more knowledge now available on other factors such as electromagnetic radiation and pollution we are able to offer more in depth manners of preparation which in turn makes the essences even more beneficial. Australian bush flower essences take a 15ml or 30ml dropper bottle filled with three quarters good quality water and one quarter brandy. The quartz crystal essences including such essences as amethyst, citrine, etc. Gemstone essence offers your skin revitalization similar to taking a mineral springs soak. On monday continue with the pearl essence, corresponding to the moon, and so forth. I work intuitively with my crystal collection to create new essences, but if you like a recipe book approach then michael giengers gem waters is worth getting hold of.

Gem essence workbook ebook renascent bath and body. Ann callaghan, creator of the indigo gem essences, talks about how she goes about making an essence in an interview with adam rubinstein from healthlines. He has worked in corroboration with gemstone guardian spirits in their creation and has their blessings and assurance that the liquid. Interestingly, there is a tradition that hermes gem is emerald, which is the gem of guidance on the journey of undertaking great tasks. Indigo gem is a honeyberry variety selected by the university of saskatchewan. The essences bottled in distilled water only should last several years if treated carefully.

This is a particularly nice way to blend the energies of flowers and crystals. Besides books, gifts, coffee and veggiemex food from pepes bistro, indigo bridge is a hub for panel. Dr edward bach 18861936, who was already well known for his pioneering work in homeopathy, evolved his lifes achievements further by creating flower essences and an environmental essence. Ex homeopath ann callaghan came up with the idea for combinations for kids after years of listening to children telling her about the things that bother them.

As gem essences are made outdoors in full light of the cosmic rays of the sun or under the nurturing coolness of the moon, these two powerful, balancing celestial forces are also held within a gem essence. Add seven drops of each selected essence to the dosage bottle. The gem essence correspondance course natures energies health. Never touch the pipette and absolutely never drop the essences into the mouth directly from the pipette, instead add drops from the bottle to a glass or small bottle of water and sip as required. Essences such as bubble, software and smoothie will help provide a buffer zone between your energy and the energy of others around you. Theyve been made particularly to help children, and the child in all of us, stay balanced and fairly sane as we release our fears and allow ourselves to move into a. The essences are easy to apply and are free of preservatives, alcohol, fragrance, and dye. Use singly or combine to create your own combinations. They are excellent for problems of a long standing nature, or issues that seem impossible to shift. The new energy series is about making the leap into a new way of being. Once again the tone shifts from the previous book in the series, away from romantic comedy and instead becomes dark romantic mystery. The chrystal series is for sensitives, people who feel things intensely and are sometimes overwhelmed by the energy of other people and places. With archangel raphael and jesus, this essence is a powerful healer.

By regularly using the gem essences over a period of time you can raise the energy level of the chakras to their highest possible degree. Please use your common sense and stop taking the essence if you notice the water has got lumps in it. They can nourish, purify, strengthen, balance and stabilize our. Expect miracles as your healing on all levels is unveiled. With our current understanding of frequencies role in healing, its not surprising that wearing gemstone jewelry or using gemstone essences make a difference for people. Mount shasta gem essences the highest vibrational gem essences, are now here to help assist with raising our frequencies, opening our hearts and maintaining compassion by becoming more loving to ourselves and creating our personal heaven on earth. It reveals itself as the unique vibration or frequency in all living things. Indigo crystals meaning and uses indigo crystals bring you wisdom, truth, dignity, and spiritual mastery. Gem elixirs are liquid preparations that contain the potentized healing vibrations of a particular gem or mineral. Gem essences for animals are holistic, all natural essences that are free of preservatives, alcohol, fragrance, and dye.

It is emotionally grounding and has a vibration of peace, balance and timeless simplicity. The dosage used is usually ten drops twice a day for a month. An eclectic gem in the heart of the city by cynthia s. Kindle ebooks can be read on any device with the free kindle app.

The new energy series numbers 17 were made in 2001 in a place called dragonhold, where ann now lives. If you click on all, you will see the contents of our gem elixir kit listed first, then our research gem elixirs. Each bottle of essence unless otherwise stated holds a 5050% combination of scottish organic spring water containing the subtle signature of the gemflower it has been exposed to, and french brandy that acts as a fixative and preservative. Gem essences work to stabilize and balance your energy field, chakras and energy centers within your body. The idea that gemstones have healing properties has been around for milennia.

Once you have your gem essence you can enhance it with complementary flower essences. Each bottle of essence unless otherwise stated holds a 5050% combination of scottish organic spring water containing the subtle signature of the gem flower it has been exposed to, and french brandy that acts as a fixative and preservative. The essences preserved with alcohol are stock strength, this means they are designed to be further diluted, i. After two wonderful novels, goldenseal and ambereye, indigo moon keeps the series quality high and in my favorites.

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