Bmw 335 xi jb4 software

Burger tuning bms jb4 n54 performance tuner bmw 5i 335i. Jb4 has proven time and time again to be the safest and easiest way to extract the true potential from your bmw turbo. Discounts on burger tuning bms jb4 n54 performance tuner bmw 5i 335i 535i n54. To see how we built a 500hp 11second 335xi using this exact guide click here. Im no stranger to a remap, as my past 2 cars have both had them done. The n54 tune that deserves prime recognition is burger motorsports jb4. Bms jb4 pnp stage 3 for n54 engine 200610 bmw 335i5i535i.

The jb4 includes a simple plug and play installation. The tuner installs between your cars sensors and its ecu computer and manipulates how the car runs via these connections. Offering a full selection of performance bmw products and reseller of bms products. With this unit, you can change the tuning program on your n54 to one of their. Adapts to modifications downpipes, intercooler, intakes, 100 octane, etc. Burger tuning jb4 for bmw n55 engines bmw 335i performance chip. Bmw f series m5i ewg n55 jb4 menu and software tutorial. This bmw performance software upgrade provides a 20hp gain while retaining the factory warranty. Right now this 335xi is makin 2012 bmw 3 series 328i 4dr sedan sedan. We recommend it as the starting place for all those new to modifying their car and those who plan to continue.

Whether youre racing a 100% oem car on pump gas or a 700whp single turbo drag queen, the jb4 has the perfect mix of performance, features, flexibility, and support to ensure your car performs to the best of its potential. The jb4 is a plug and play tune for your turbocharged bmw. Bmw m5i ewg n55 burger motorsport jb4 install menu and software step walk through on the 2014 manual electronic wastegate vehicle. In this video, ill go through each of the jb4 maps so that you can. How to get 500whp on stock turbos with a bmw 335i n54 duration. Bmw 335i engine control module software update available 9 reports. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. Bmw m performance power kit software with badge e9x 335i. Bmw m performance power kit software with badge e9x 335i 335xi, e82 5i n55 looking for more power from your n55 equipped 335i or 5i. N55 jb4 performance tuner for e chassis bmw 5i, 335, x1. Long story short, the jb4 is awesome, just make sure you remove it before taking it in to bmw for warranty work. How about up to 80hp to the wheels 100hp crank on a completely stock car, up to 160hp to the wheels on factory turbos, or up to 350hp to the wheels on a fully modified car with larger turbo s.

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